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Geninfo Solutions Inc. is a Canadian leader in BIM and Construction Document Production Services. Based in the Greater Toronto Area, Geninfo Solution uses unique client focused philosophy to manage project delivery. With domain experts and 3D modelling facilities collaborating a team of AEC solutions experts, Geninfo provides exceptional BIM Coordinated Work Sheets and clash free resolution services for construction companies, homebuilders, engineers and architects.

15+ Years
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Our Services

We provide value-added design support solutions evolving from outsourcing of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Conversions Services, Documentation, 3D BIM Modelling Services and Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) segments.

What is BIM in BIM Services?

The actual complete form of BIM stands for 'Building Information Modelling'. BIM in context to providing the BIM Services refers to building and overseeing the entire construction project in the digital platform. BIM is seemingly highly compatible with the IoT technologies and is one of the tools that's sure shot going to replace various traditional models in the BIM Services to help you recognize its unseen benefits.

BIM helps in the overall cost reduction linked with the loopholes of construction, conflicts, and squandered materials. It can undeniably increase the entire efficiency of your project. Building Information Modelling holds importance in multiple sectors, including architectural, real estate, construction, and engineering.

Our BIM Process to implement the BIM Services:-

The entire process of Building Information Modelling is meant to ensure the blooming creation and management of the whole lifecycle of the building project. The successful implementation of this project leads to digital description and building information modelling of every piece of information. The four stages involved in the process are mentioned below -

  • Initial Evaluation or Assessment.
  • Pre-Planning of the construction project.
  • Executing and Enacting pre-decided Plan, its design, and final construction.
  • Performing final operations and overall maintenance of the construction project.

The structure and need of every firm will differ; however, the above steps might modify based upon their unique requirements. The overall success of any construction project widely depends on the organization. Therefore, it's highly recommended to lay down all the BIM processes in a step-by-step structured manner to ensure smooth implementation.

Why choose us as your BIM Services provider?

Geninfo Solutions is one of the most recognised BIM Services providers in the construction industry. Our unparalleled BIM Services help our contractors and developers to work well on their projects and have the utmost satisfaction. You will undoubtedly discover that Geninfo Solutions is one of the best choices for your project regardless of whatever sector you belong to, like AEC industry etc.

From managing your portfolio to the final measurement of the performance, we do it all. We assure you to provide phenomenal results filled with our years of experience and market recognition to meet your BIM Modelling requirements. Once we receive a filled form from your end, we can schedule a particular date for a call and take this thing forward from there.

Our Clients who availed BIM Services from us:-

Geninfo Solutions has been recognized with a stable name in the construction market. With the privilege of working with AECO industry leaders, our quality has always taken an upswing. Our partnered groups are Plan Group, Modern Niagara, PCL, Kelson, Aecon, and Engie. With our varied range of BIM Services consisting of Structural BIM, Virtual Construction Services, Architectural Rendering Services, MEP BIM Services, etc., our team ensures to provide the tremendous outcomes that will make your project a big success. Well known for our reliability, we have outsourced for owners, contractors, architects, and consulting engineers.


What is BIM Services?

The complete form of BIM is the 'Building Information Model.' The BIM services and techniques are used to manage and oversee the built asset's unlimited data adequately. A building advancement instrument integrates the whole structured records by digitally stimulating the asset's entire life.

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