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BIM contracts generally underline and define the broad terms & conditions, roles & responsibilities, and execution process via a BIM contract. Everything related to Contracted BIM Resources, BIM Modelling Services, and BIM Services are defined under this piece of document, which ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page.

In short, it assures more security during the entire process of the project. The Contracted BIM Resources helps provide a high level of coordination and transparency among the parties involved in the BIM contract. Our Contracted BIM Resources consists of the following things -

  • BIM Checklists
  • BIM Videos
  • BIM Quotes
  • BIM Brochures
  • BIM Infographics
  • BIM Blogs
  • BIM Art Gallery

Benefits of availing of Contracted BIM Resources:-

Working with Geninfo Solutions brings you the following benefits.

  • Proper supervision of the entire process, from the use of initial resources to the selection & training of the team.
  • Use of Innovative and latest tools and techniques.
  • Very High levels of satisfactory CAD/BIM Outsourcing Services by our customers in Canada.
  • Transparency in the total incurred fees with the fixed monthly expenses.
  • 24*7 human resources available for multiple shifts based on different country's time zones.
  • Highly result-oriented and top-class experienced team of engineers and architects.
  • Pocket-friendly costs in comparison to the cost incurred by on-site teams.
  • Smooth process of scaling the existing workforce unit size.
  • Server facility, information security, and information backups.
  • Timely report's status update and looking after the overall project.

Examples of our Contracted BIM Resources Retained Teams:-

  • Supporting the Leading Mutli-Trade Contractors to fulfill their MEP Design & Virtual Construction Services deliverable for a large ransit Projects/Hospitals/Universities across Canada.
  • Architectural CAD technicians providing space planning and retail layout drawings for a leading Canada-based retailer.
  • Revit BIM modelers from the BIM outsourcing team working for a leading Canada apparel retailer.
  • A retained team providing rendered images for a Canada homebuilder.
  • A retained team providing concept drawing support and detailed BIM construction drawing support for a leading Canada-based homebuilder.
  • An offshore CAD team providing design detailing services for an architect/designer specializing in the design of fast food outlets.
  • A dedicated CAD team providing back-office support for an Canada-based homebuilder for all aspects of the design phase.
  • A retained team providing architectural design support for design development stages to a leading Canada-based architect.

Why choose us as your Contracted BIM Resources partner?

Geninfo Solutions is a recognised leader in providing BIM Services & the legit Contracted BIM Resources in Canada. Working offshore and globally, we have a well-experienced retained team that coordinates via a standard automated system online and serves individual client’s needs. Our pool of mechanical engineers and architects works from initial drafting, conceptualizing, finalizing the design, and further coordinating and implementing it.

Bringing in world-class Architectural Rendering Services and Mechanical experts, we thrive on creating supreme satisfaction-oriented outcomes for our clients. Being assimilated in handling the complex problem with utmost ease, we are the solution to your building & construction related problem. Get to know more about us in detail by just filling the simple form.


What is the role of subcontractors in the context of Contracted BIM Resources?

The most obvious reason for a subcontractor to inculcate the BIM in the existing projects is due to the reason that 'The contract/business needs it the most because of its future-oriented savings and unseen benefits.' BIM allows the subcontractors to play the role of the leading partners in the project rather than just being a small part of the big projects. The role of the subcontractors is to deliver high-end modern technology-oriented services while executing valuable and big enough construction projects or contracts.

How Contracted BIM Resources can help a subcontractor?

Contracted BIM Resources can assist the subcontractors concerning smooth glass installation, roofing, plumbing, electrical wiring, pre-fabrication, and unseen sophisticated accountabilities. A general contractor is a middle coordinator to help the subcontractors avail of these services.

How can the Contracted BIM Resources help an electrical subcontractor?

BIM supports the electrical contractors with the critical LOD - Level Of Development and the total construction area. In addition, BIM resources are beneficial to the electrical subcontractor in pre-fabrication, anticipating conflict, on-site installation & further visualization. BIM Resources used by the electrical subcontractor are based upon various parameters. It includes generic contractual commitments, the company's hierarchy, pre-fabrication level, & the complicatedness of the project.

How can the Contracted BIM Resources help an electrical subcontractor?

Mechanical Subcontractors can benefit in the following ways using BIM Resources -

  • Spatial coordination.
  • Let's analyze the material waste creation, installed software integrity, execution as per schedule, staff costs, and keep track of buying pipes and fittings as per requirements.
  • Construction analysis.
  • Inculcating the use of the latest technology in their existing systems to promote in-depth exploration.
  • Overall refinement in the fabrication technique.
  • Shop diagrams.

How Contracted BIM Resources make sense to a plumbing subcontractor?

All the modern plumbing subcontractors looking forward to differentiating their entire work can boost their hard work using BIM Services and technology. Further, BIM provides the value addition to GC's and their parallel working subs for each assignment. Finally, BIM's advanced level opens the pathways to embrace fabrication, asset management, analysis, on-site projects, etc.

What are BIM resources?

BIM resources are tools, information, and materials that support the implementation and utilisation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in construction projects.

Where can I find BIM resources?

There are various sources to find BIM resources, including online platforms, industry websites, software vendors, professional organisations, and BIM object libraries.

How do BIM resources relate to CAD services?

BIM resources can be integrated into CAD services to enhance the creation of digital models and technical drawings, ensuring compliance with BIM standards and improving collaboration.

Can BIM resources help improve project efficiency?

Absolutely. BIM resources can enhance project efficiency by streamlining design and construction processes, enabling better visualization, clash detection, and simulation, and reducing errors, rework, and project delays.

Are BIM resources only relevant to large construction firms?

No, BIM resources are relevant to construction firms of all sizes. Small and medium-sized firms can also benefit from BIM resources to enhance their design capabilities, improve project coordination, and deliver higher-quality projects.

How frequently are BIM resources updated and improved?

BIM resources, such as software applications and BIM object libraries, are regularly updated and improved to incorporate new features, address bugs or issues, and align with emerging industry standards and requirements.

Are BIM resources helpful for maintaining project consistency and quality control?

Yes, BIM resources contribute to project consistency and quality control by providing standardized components, templates, and protocols that ensure uniformity and accuracy across the project.

How do BIM resources improve efficiency in CAD services?

BIM resources streamline CAD services by providing pre-configured objects and templates that can be easily customized, reducing drafting time and ensuring consistent design outputs.