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BIM - Building Information Modelling is a modern way of dealing with the entire construction process. It digitally represents all the manual and functional aspects of a facility involving data and geometry. BIM Consulting Services allows you to work on a highly demanded software of BIM technology.

Incorporating the necessary information provides a helping hand to the MEP & Arch designers, software installers, cost management experts, and the Architectural rendering consultants by letting them know the construction project's fundamental elements.

Our BIM consulting Services will help you to minimize the complex building and construction-related burden from your head by proper simulation, in-depth analysis, and entire process automation.

BIM Consulting Services provided by our company

Our team at Geninfo Solutions provides world-class BIM Consulting Services to clients. The pool of BIM Consulting Services offered by us are mentioned below -

  • Automated BIM Modelling Services, Architectural Rendering Services, and Analytics Solutions help us serve our clients with 100% satisfaction.
  • BIM libraries facility introduces a structured system assuring excellent results by the AECO Design Validation Engineers.
  • Enhancing the existing skills of the experts working in the construction firms by providing them with top-notch learning & training programs and BIM modelling skills.
  • Strategic reporting & in-depth proposal preparation for our clients.
  • Enforcing ingenious strategies to utilize the Contracted BIM Resources in the best way possible to manage the tricky projects with efficiency.
  • Determining the correct approach to implementing BIM services by involving an in-depth study of objective, examination, and overall feasibility.
  • BIM turnaround solutions to smartly manage the overall time and cost.

Benefits of outsourcing BIM Consulting Services from Geninfo Solutions:-

Encapsulated with the right human resources and tools, we are considered the number one choice among our clients. Before choosing us, know what benefits you shall have -

  • Holds the valid credentials & certifications for administering CAD & BIM Services.
  • Years of experience working on real-time BIM projects and serving our clients with exceptional BIM Services.
  • Automated Systems to ensure time-saving, efficiency, and high-level productivity.
  • Achieved benevolence in dealing with the construction-based companies by providing them the exceptional outsource BIM Services.
  • Mastered in complex problem-solving skills to assure effective BIM Modelling Services, Architectural Rendering Services, MEP Design Validation, and Arch Design Validation.
  • Our core values lie in providing customer-oriented solutions.
  • Based on our client's requirements, we perform the specific operations and are open to the desired modifications in implementing the final MEP BIM Services.

Why choose us as your BIM Consulting Services Partner?

Geninfo Solutions is a well-recognised BIM Consulting Services provider in Canada. Industry-experienced BIM managers are closely involved with our client's projects to make it a BIG SUCCESS! With solid construction and designing background, our BIM Modelling consultants share their knowledge of 3D Contracted BIM Resources, BIM Modelling Services, MEP BIM Services, Architectural Rendering Services, MEP Design Validation, and Arch Design Validation to ensure the best support to the architects and engineers.

Serving you with unparalleled BIM Consulting Services to provide you the utmost satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our BIM Consulting Services.


What is a BIM consulting service?

BIM consulting services involve providing expertise and support in implementing and utilizing BIM technology effectively for construction and infrastructure projects.

How do BIM consulting services assist in the creation of coordination drawings?

BIM consulting services support the creation of coordination drawings by leveraging BIM tools and methodologies to integrate multiple disciplines' models, ensuring clash detection, and coordination of building systems.

What is the purpose of BIM consulting services?

The purpose of BIM consulting services is to help organizations adopt and effectively utilize BIM technology and methodologies in their construction and infrastructure projects, improving collaboration, efficiency, and project outcomes.

Why should I hire a BIM consultant?

Hiring a BIM consultant can bring several benefits. They have specialized knowledge and experience in BIM, can guide you through the implementation process, ensure proper utilization of BIM tools, enhance collaboration among project stakeholders, and help you avoid potential issues or conflicts during the project lifecycle.

How can BIM consulting services improve project outcomes?

BIM consulting services can improve project outcomes by facilitating better coordination among project teams, reducing clashes or conflicts, improving accuracy in quantity takeoffs and estimations, enhancing communication and collaboration, minimizing errors and rework, and optimizing overall project efficiency.

What industries can benefit from BIM consulting services?

BIM consulting services can benefit a wide range of industries involved in construction and infrastructure projects, including architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), real estate development, facility management, and infrastructure planning.

Can BIM consulting services be customized to suit specific project needs?

Yes, BIM consulting services can be tailored to suit specific project needs. Consultants work closely with clients to understand their requirements, project scope, and goals, and then develop customized strategies, workflows, and implementation plans accordingly.

Can BIM consulting services improve the accuracy and efficiency of coordination drawings?

BIM consulting services enhance the accuracy and efficiency of coordination drawings by utilizing BIM technologies and processes, enabling real-time clash detection and streamlining coordination efforts.

How long does a typical BIM consulting engagement last?

The duration of a BIM consulting engagement can vary depending on the project size, complexity, and the specific needs of the organization. It can range from a few weeks for smaller projects to several months for larger and more complex initiatives.

Can BIM consultants provide ongoing support during the project lifecycle?

Yes, BIM consultants can provide ongoing support and assistance throughout the project lifecycle. They can help with troubleshooting, additional training needs, addressing new challenges, and ensuring the successful implementation and utilization of BIM technology.

Are BIM consulting services cost-effective?

BIM consulting services can be cost-effective in the long run, considering the potential benefits they offer. By leveraging the expertise of BIM consultants, organizations can streamline their workflows, reduce errors, minimize rework, enhance collaboration, and improve project outcomes. These improvements can lead to significant cost savings by avoiding budget overruns, reducing construction delays, and improving overall project efficiency.

Can BIM consulting services assist in the creation and verification of as-built drawings?

Yes, BIM consulting services can help create and verify as built drawings, ensuring they accurately reflect the actual conditions of the constructed facility.