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As-Built Drawing

What is an As-Built Drawings?

As-Built Drawings are a kind of virtual representation of a building. It helps the architects track and define the overall changes from the preliminary building plans to their final construction. These drawings refer to the real-time project as that construction project is built in reality after all; As-Built Drawings play a quintessential role in complete maintenance, renovation, and construction.

From the renovation of projects, maintenance of existing buildings to the construction of overall new buildings, the need for an As-Built Drawing is irreplaceable. While preparing the As-Built Drawings, the designs won't be considered complete unless they include alterations happening in the fabrications, Materials, Installations, locations, and Dimensions.

Alternatively, it can comprise pictures, satellite imagery, additional manuscripts, and handwritten notes. The As-Built Drawings are generally created using the AutoCAD software and construction sector-based technology. At the same time, they are implementing or working in the As-Built Drawings, and you need to work well on the step-by-step process.

Following the process, they start from colour coding, scaling, modification date, hindrances involved, Physical features, and Underground utility action intensifying the need for Urban infrastructure; architects are now getting more inclined towards the BIM-based As-Built documentation. Having the precise As-Built documentation is the need of an hour to produce high-level results.

Why Are As-Built Drawings Important?

As-built drawings are important for a variety of reasons, and their significance lies in the detailed documentation they provide regarding the final state of a structure, facility, or project. Let's explore in detail why as-built drawings are crucial:

  • Accuracy and Documentation:

    As-built drawings capture the precise details and measurements of a construction or installation after it is completed. They provide an accurate representation of the final product, including all modifications, changes, and additions made during the construction process. This documentation is crucial for maintaining an up-to-date record of the as-constructed state.

  • Future Reference and Maintenance:

    As-built drawings serve as a valuable reference for future activities related to the structure or facility. Architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers can refer to the as-built drawings to understand the layout, components, and systems of the building or infrastructure. When performing repairs, renovations, or expansions, these drawings help in identifying the location of utilities, structural elements, and other key features, facilitating efficient and accurate work.

  • Compliance with Regulations and Standards:

    As-built drawings play a vital role in ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. They provide evidence that the construction or installation adhered to approved plans, permits, and applicable building codes. In case of inspections, audits, or disputes, as-built drawings serve as important supporting documentation to demonstrate compliance with the required standards.

  • Change Management and Project Evaluation:

    During the construction process, changes, modifications, and unforeseen circumstances often arise. As-built drawings help in managing these changes effectively. By comparing the as-built drawings with the original design plans, project managers can assess the scope and impact of changes, track deviations, and evaluate the reasons behind them. This information is valuable for change management, project evaluation, and for identifying opportunities to enhance future projects.

  • Legal and Insurance Purposes:

    As-built drawings are important for legal and insurance purposes. They can be used as evidence in case of disputes, claims, or litigation related to construction defects, compliance issues, or contractual obligations. Insurance companies often require as-built drawings to assess risks, determine coverage, and settle claims related to property damage or losses.

  • Communication and Coordination:

    As-built drawings serve as a common reference point for effective communication and coordination among project stakeholders. Contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and suppliers can refer to the as-built drawings to understand the current state of the project, coordinate their activities, and resolve conflicts or discrepancies. Having a standardized and accurate representation of the as-constructed condition facilitates clear communication, reduces errors, and enhances collaboration.

  • Historical Documentation:

    As time passes, structures and facilities may undergo changes, renovations, or even demolition. As-built drawings serve as historical documentation, preserving the knowledge and details of a project for future generations. They provide insights into the design, construction techniques, and materials used, contributing to architectural, engineering, and historical research.

Our Process of As-Built Drawings

When it comes to producing as-built drawings, We offer RedLine conversion from PDF Scans to CAD as well as 3D Scans to REVIT / BIM Models. We understand the importance of accuracy and consideration. Our best process ensures that our customers will get the top-notch quality of BIM services.

Our procedure is a conversation with the client to determine their particular needs and requirements. We take the time to understand the project scope, timeline, and any specific challenges that may need to be addressed.

Once we have a clear understanding of the project, we begin by conducting a comprehensive site survey. This may include using 3D laser scanning technology to capture precise measurements of the existing conditions of the building or facility.

We have an experienced team of professionals that uses this data to create detailed as-built drawings that accurately reflect the final condition of the project.

We maintain a strict quality control procedure throughout the procedure the process to guarantee that the drawings are correct and complete. Our regular reviews help us find any discrepancies or mistakes and make the required corrections.

Once the drawings are complete, we provide them to the client in the desired format, whether it be printed hard copies, CAD or PDF digital files, or both. To make sure that our clients have all they need to continue with their project, we also provide continuous support and consultation services.

Our As-Built Drawings Services:-

Geninfo Solutions, As-Built Drawing Services are highly standardized to provide our clients with the utmost satisfaction. Our team of experts puts all of their brains into work to provide you with the following As-Built Drawing Services.

  • The core plan centred on electrical and lighting meant for the current circumstances.
  • It comprises switches, supervisions for electrical distribution, every fixtures location, and all lighting fixing appliances.
  • We show the building's uppermost view via an As-Built diagram. Such an illustration of drawing exhibits the forever affixed items, interior and exterior wall partitions, and the overall layout of the building.
  • In-depth documented description of sashes, total doors, and separate parades. With every report comes the projection of material, width, altitude, volume, and category.
  • Our team presents the Orthographic drawings of the structure of the building. These drawings would showcase all the sides of the building, I.e., sides, front, and the rear face, along with the design & dimensions.
  • Helps in fetching the detailed and precise dimensions of the site boundaries using the BIM As-Built Drawings.
  • Our services include determining the exact location of every building.

Why choose us as your As-Built Drawings partner?

Geninfo Solutions is the leader in the AECO market. We are proficient in providing MEP BIM Services, BIM Modelling Services, As-Built Drawings to the entire AECO segments. Our firm has gained years of expertise in the same. Based on our As planned designs, the As-Built factors are considered and further produces the desired 3D enlarged results.

Our As-Built Drawings are as per the As Built standards that are assured to meet our clients' exact requirements. You can rely on our whole team of BIM certified experts for your service. Our expertise, precision, and reliability lie in providing the As-Built Drawing Services.

Your current project is visualized and examined for the scope of improvement and beneficial solutions. Our entire documentation process is in 3D and highly visual, followed by the precise As-Built Drawing outcomes. Our exclusive models are enriched with all the mandatory information. BIM Modelling service provided by us enables us to develop accurately designed models for the overall purpose of As-Built Drawings.

The As-Built documentation we provide to our contractors or partners allows us to build the FM system integrations. Overall entitles the O&M services to digitize. If you are looking for accurate As-Built Drawings, we are the best option to fulfil your needs. Please contact us for your next project.


What do you mean by As-Built Drawings?

As-Built Drawings are the virtually existing construction agendas. It depicts the constructed building in the same manner as it would prevail in reality. These drawings precisely reveal all the construction components, the current status, circumstances & measurements.

How much does the As-Built Drawings project cost overall?

Generally, 80% of the companies, including us, work on a fixed-cost basis for each project. It is determined initially before starting working over the project. Mainly talking about our project, we don't have any hidden charges to disappoint you later. Although the pricing might vary for each client's projects, the total number of sites, time is taken, exact squares, etc. The proposal is finalized once we have a formal call to discuss your requirements and other details.

How much time goes into the As-Built Drawing surveying?

Walking in the footsteps of a pre-planned structured process, the total time taken by our team to deliver the desired results is between 5 days to a whole week. The delivery time consumed by the projects meant for the multi-site surveying is calculated based on the total number of sites involved in the project.

What is the need for As-Built Drawings?

The As-Built Drawings help us understand the entire construction project better by fulfilling the following needs -

  • Stimulates the remodelling planning.
  • Discloses the construction building's actual layout.
  • Ensures the authentic and meticulous building plans to archive.
  • Assist in the renovation of the report of the as-built proposal.
  • Provides the comprehensive document revisions meant for leasing, permits, or purchase agreements.
  • Bring forth the smooth updates and modifications to the existing building.

Why are As Built Drawings important in construction projects?

As Built Drawings are crucial for documenting the final state of a project, facilitating accurate record-keeping, future renovations, maintenance, and compliance with building regulations.

When are As Built Drawings created?

As Built Drawings are typically created towards the end of a construction project or during the handover phase when the construction is completed and any modifications or deviations from the original plans are recorded.

How do as built drawings support coordination and clash detection?

As built drawings provide a basis for comparing the constructed elements with the coordination drawings, identifying any discrepancies or clashes that may have occurred during construction.

How are As Built Drawings used for future renovations or expansions?

As Built Drawings serve as a reference for future renovations or expansions, providing accurate information about the existing conditions and serving as a guide for design modifications and construction activities.

Can As Built Drawings be created for existing buildings or structures?

Yes, As Built Drawings can be created for existing buildings or structures to accurately capture their current state, incorporating any modifications or additions made over time.

What information do As Built drawings include?

As Built drawings include precise measurements, dimensions, and details of the constructed elements, capturing any changes or modifications made during construction.

How do as built drawings differ from coordination drawings?

As built drawings represent the actual constructed condition of a project, documenting the final layout and changes made, while coordination drawings illustrate the spatial coordination of various building systems before construction.