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Virtual Construction Service allows you to create the entire construction project in the virtual space before implementing it in the real world. The construction project managers provide virtual construction services. With the adaptation of VDC - Virtual Design & Construction Services, they perform the in-depth analysis of their construction project to allow alterations by rectifying errors in designing & construction using a 3D model.

Using the MEP BIM Services - Building Information Modelling and VDC - Virtual Design & Construction Services, you get proper assistance from these tools to construct, perform analysis and rectify all the blunders within the digital working environment before the building.

Our Virtual Construction Services and BIM Modelling Services are as follows:-

  • In-depth details on total conflicts taking place between multiple systems.
  • Determine the quantity requirement, price points, maintenance information, and time records in the 3D models.
  • The total number of modifications taking place in the orders.
  • Prefabrication percentage facilitated in the procedure.
  • With the help of 3D models, we offer the appropriate coordination between Architectural Rendering Services, MEP BIM Services, & Structural Designing.
  • Time is taken for the installation of systems on-site.
  • Real-time basis prefabrication Percentage utilized by an individual trade contractor.
  • Provides the BIM Services starting from LOD 200 to LOD 500. It further helps in the As-Built Drawing, MEP Design Validation, Error Finding, Architectural Rendering Services, and Documentation.
  • Total time put up with the field reworking.

Our process for the Virtual Construction Services and BIM Modelling Services:-

Geninfo Solutions follows a creative approach to implement the VDC. The entire process adds life to the Virtual Construction Services project. Let's understand the procedure below -

  • Visualization - With the help of AutoCAD or a Revit, we formulate a 3D model for the stakeholders.
  • Designing & Analysing- In this particular step, we use Navisworks to analyze the 3D model.
  • Procedure Modelling - The entire procedure of the program is being checked and overall analyzed by using Navisworks to find the upcoming and unseen obstacles.
  • Collaborating Online - Diverse teams operating from the multiple locations of the VDC project come together to collaborate and join hands on the shared VDC model.

Why choose us as your Virtual Construction Services and BIM Modelling Services provider?

Geninfo Solutions is rated as the top-notch Virtual Construction Services and BIM Modelling Services provider in Canada. Our innovative tool, 24*7 active workforce, and highly creative virtual space designers make our BIM Services most prominent in Canada. As days pass, the building techniques are taking a new turn, becoming complex to understand and practically implement.

Such an increase in complexity is leading to a decrease or static workforce efficiency. With the development and technological advancement, Geninfo Solutions believe in making your work easy. Equipped with a highly efficient construction workforce, our team assures reliability and flawless execution.
Our collaborative process helps all the stakeholders to work together with ease on the common platforms allowing them to perform fundamental time bound modifications.


What do Virtual Construction Services offer?

Virtual Construction Services that we provide to our clients consist of the whole BIM range of services. It commences with LOD 200 and goes till 500, comprising the Clash Cetection, Construction Documentation, Fabrication Model, As-Built Model, & design development. VDC - Virtual Design & Construction brings forth usage of BIM with its total capacity and ensures the maximum profitability out of it.

What is the process of implementing Virtual Construction Services and BIM Modelling Services?

The Virtual Construction Services aand BIM Modelling Services follow the below process for its implementation -

  • Visualization of the product.
  • Examination & Modelling of the Product.
  • Modelling & structuring the entire organizational procedure.
  • Performing collaboration online.
  • Scheduling meetings to fulfill the preset overall goals of the business concerned to the client and the project.

How can Virtual Construction Services and BIM Modelling Services help?

The Virtual Construction Services and BIM Modelling Services can help in the following -

  • It gives detailed notoriety to the smallest of information.
  • Assists in Quantity surveyor assess the 5D integration.
  • Visuals enhance staff communication, affiliation, and cohesion.
  • Quality assured assistance.
  • Highly efficient site logistic management and safety planning.
  • Lowers down the entire project expenditure.
  • Protected Job sites.
  • Extremely productive & reasonable.

What are the benefits of incorporating Virtual Construction Services in the BIM Model?

Encompassing the Virtual Design & Construction Services in the BIM Model brings many positive windfalls into the world. VDC helps to activate a substantial and quantified virtual replica of the existing BIM Model. From fostering in mimicking the construction program delivery complicatedness to smoothly anticipating the project-related concerns by protecting them in the virtual plane, - it's a package all in one.